Enjoying Botanical Gardens

Many areas have their own botanical gardens, and they welcome students on field trips. Educators are trying to help students connect with the scientific world...


Going to the Museum

Many schools arrange field trips for students with the goal of connecting art or history in the real world to their studies, and that is...


History Comes Alive

One of the main reasons educators take students on field trips is to get them excited about their subject matter, and it often works. Studying...


Watching An Afternoon Play

The arts have long been subject to budget cuts within school districts, so many educators have chosen to take their students to see a matinee...

Leaving school for a field trip has usually been one of the highlights students enjoy, but few of them really think of it as an educational experience. They tend to look at it as a fun day with few academic expectations, yet most field trips do have learning as a goal. While students see it as only a day of fun, teachers and the parents who chaperone the trip understand it is an important part of their education.

Taking time out from regular classes can be a logistical nightmare for educators, but it is a welcome experience if students learn to see education in a different light. Many field trips help ignite a student’s enthusiasm for a particular subject, and they assist educators in their goal of teaching complex concepts. No matter where the trip takes them, coming back to school as a more educated group is the focus of every field trip.