Watching An Afternoon Play

The arts have long been subject to budget cuts within school districts, so many educators have chosen to take their students to see a matinee play. This helps them show the importance of the performing arts, and it assists students with learning how the written word can communicate to an audience. Actors who perform their roles well will give students a glimpse into the world of art.

One of the joys of this type of field trip for teachers and parents is the ability to have all their charges in one area, and they truly appreciate it. Field trips can be a logistical nightmare, but they continue due to the experience it provides for students. A play is one of the few field trips where students are confined to one room for the majority of the time, so keeping track of them is easier.

Experiencing a live performance is an experience that will impact even adults, so children are given a rare opportunity to experience deep emotions while they watch. Unlike movies and television, the live element in a darkened room makes it easier for them to connect to the action. Video cannot be compared to a live performance, so that is one of the main reasons many school districts encourage educators to include this venue in their field trips.

While every student might not get the artistic information educators are trying to convey, a field trip of this nature still gives the student a chance to learn something outside of the classroom. The trips are planned to give them a chance to absorb information passively, but the rate of experience is accelerated. It is considered to be a worthwhile field trip as long as a student has a good experience and carries it with them as a cherished memory throughout their life.